We had our final critique with some classmates and teachers and I got challenged to see my “Big Still Life” in a whole different way! I knew I was modifying the relative sizes of the pieces to play with multiple perspectives, but the shadows all grew from there same light source and direction. My teacher suggested I take the drama of my shadows to an extreme dramatization and distort them and the model pieces completely. Make the shadows physical… I had to reflect on this and lose some sleep over it too.

An idea came to me one sleepless night and I had to draw out the first sketch of it.

Here’s a reminder of the painting I’m going to distort and I’m making it even bigger… this canvas is 30″ x 24″. I’m trying to straighten a large piece of watercolour paper that is 50″ x 36″. Or maybe I’ll continue catabolizing my old canvas drop cloth and cut out a massive piece to pin to my wall, instead of the paper. We shall see.


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