For those who’ve been following the progress of my still lives this past few months, you know I was challenged a few days ago to warp my visions and play with perspectives. The first version of Warped was done on a smaller paper: 17″(43.2cm) x 14″(35.6cm). I originally had no intention of painting it, but felt like I was wasting materials and an opportunity. I will be challenging myself with this one and using watercolour paints to transform it into a clearer vision.

The second part of the challenge to warp my Big Still Life was to increase the size of the canvas. I’ve had a salvaged piece of watercolour paper hanging on the wall, getting he curl our of it, for almost two months: 48″(121.9cm) x 36″(91.4cm). As I drew it on the larger paper, I decided to let the distortions grow and you will see this one is different than the watercolour. I’ve also decided to paint this one with acrylics. I won’t be using a palette knife this time, so it will look quite different. My biggest challenge, as always, is to let go of what I know and what I see, then let my imagination and instinct take over.

I’ll share the steps of each as they grow. The smaller watercolour will be Warped One, and the larger Warped two. Please tay tuned.


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