Here I go… time to take a leap…

To be honest I’ve been procrastinating a little on the start of this one. I’ve still got a little trepidation regarding watercolour paint. I’ve got all sorts of preconceived notions about the techniques needed to make it work well and I’m not sure I can do it. All poop in my head, of course. I just need to get out of my own way and see what I can do.

As discussed in a recent posting, this is the watercolour version of the warping of the Big Life I did recently. As with my practice, I laid down the initial coat of paint. I’m not sure this is the right method for watercolour, but I feel confident I will be able to play around enough to get it where I want it… if I can’t, well then, so be it. Live and learn.

I started it with wet on wet… ie: I painted the whole paper in water and then painted on the wet paper. I read that somewhere and it seemed to help spread the pigment around. I tried tarting with light colour and will darken it… this feels wring here, but we shall see. It’s all another adventure in material exploration for me.


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