Sticking to my usual goal of recycling as much material as possible, I raked the whole area as flat as possible and used the trunks and branches of the cut-down cedars to make my flower box. I called-out for indigenous seeds (on Facebook) and bought others online. I decided to cover the ground with nutrient rich peat moss and gently laid down my seeds…

I have several sorts of clover, blue bells, sunflowers, would posies, and the Monarch Butterly’s favourite, Milkweed. There are also some wildflower seeds I’ve collected over the years.

The next post on this might take a week of more… I can’t wait to see what grows.

In the meantime, I’m using all the small rocks from my property to fill up the space between the flowerbed and the cedars. I’ll also recondition the soil in front of the box (turn, rake, and add fertilizer) to prepare it for grass seeds.

Ps: I didn’t, but I also used the fronds of the cut-down cedars to cover the ground under the transplanted evergreens… they will help keep in the humidity and add the prefered acidity to the soil under the evergreens.

Stay tuned…


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