It never occurred to me that we might try to vaccinate the by-kill from the pesticides we use to eliminate pests.

To be honest, I have to believe there are natural ways to protect crops that Mother Nature has already in place, and that the practice of monoculture doesn’t use. I get this from seeing amazing documentaries like “The Biggest little farm” and reading amazing books on indigenous wisdoms like “Braiding Sweetgrass”.

My concern is what happens when we intercede like this? I feel it’s a step in the right direction to work with nature, so I will follow this innovation.


2 thoughts on “A little good news — about Beemunity?

  1. Keep in mind that domestic honeybees are non-native, and seem to require human intervention from time to time. We rely on them for our food crops here in the U.S. You’re right on about the monoculture farming/gardening and pesticides, though. Overuse of insecticide is complicit in the reduction of insect numbers around the world.

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