A little good news — about Beemunity?

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/bee-vaccine-to-prevent-death-from-pesticides/ It never occurred to me that we might try to vaccinate the by-kill from the pesticides we use to eliminate pests. To be honest, I have to believe there are natural ways to protect crops that Mother Nature has already in place, and that the practice of monoculture doesn't use. I get this from … Continue reading A little good news — about Beemunity?

A little good news. — Mother Nature always has a way

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/orchids-make-pseudopollen-to-trick-bees/ I know very little about orchids other than their beauty and my own challenges at keeping them alive (a certain level of neglect seems to be required). The plants I've had are amazingly resilient and produce flowers over the years, even after appearing dead. It's no surprise to hear that some species have found … Continue reading A little good news. — Mother Nature always has a way

A little good news — the siren call for bees

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/flowers-can-hear-bees-and-it-makes-their-nectar-sweeter/ Fascinating! Might this explain how flowers change the intensity of their scent from time to time?

A little good news — and an unexpected partnership between airports and bees

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/pittsburgh-airport-starts-keeping-bees/ I've become a little more fascinated with bees since joining David Suzuki Foundation's Buttefflyway Rangers. I see possibilities for pollinators in all sorts of places... this one surprised and elated me.

Surrounded By Life

I went for a short walk around the garden as a break from my reading and my mind was open to seeing. I noticed these goldenrod weeds and wondered if they would look more magical up-close. To my surprise, they were full of bees of all sizes and shapes... It made me realize that nature … Continue reading Surrounded By Life

Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View

Taking macro shots throws my imagination into film mode. I feel like I'm suddenly seeing the world from the perspective of a bee or a fly. I had to get down close to this clump of broken branches to see the ground, fallen-desiccated leaves, and mosses. The branches formed a tunnel from my plain eye's … Continue reading Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View