When you look at the last photo of this project you will see that it felt our of balance. It bothered me for days that I couldn’t figure out what was off and frankly, I’m still not sure.

I felt I needed to bring the striations of horizontal colours more inline with each other.

Part of my challenge remains the lighting in my studio. It throughs frustrating shadows and creates reflections where the light hits the canvas. I have taken to turning the lights off to look at the canvas and see what’s missing.

I might have made a mistake in taking a short cut for the reflection of the window that bisects the composition… I used a glossy glazing which reflects too. much light and I dislike it immensely! I’m going to try fixing it with matte glazing to thicken the window effect and try to add in wisps of glass reflection using white. I still need to make the source of light more obvious from the left of the canvas.

My next dilemma is how to make the figure stand out from the canvas. Right now, to the naked eye it blends in too much.

I’m not posting every tiny change, as at this point they are quite small, but please stay tuned…


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