RAWR… I guess… An Example from the Anarchist Manifesto

I saw a partial face on an alley wall downtown, screaming at passersby and it made me laugh. First, I wondered who was passerby-ing in this alley to see this almost entirely hidden screamer, then I wondered what it was screaming about from such an obscure location, where so few people would hear it. Phew, … Continue reading RAWR… I guess… An Example from the Anarchist Manifesto

Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Now, I know I've seen this devil cyclops somewhere before, so I have to give credit where it's due, even if I'm not sure who did it originally. My initial inspiration for this was seeing some Halloween decorations around my neighbourhood. Quite a few people have shrunken heads hanging around. I imagined someone who has … Continue reading Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Ofrenda for Basquiat

November 2nd is The Day of The Dead and we must create these memorial images of those we want to remember. I'm playing with the interpretation of this awesome Mexican tradition, but I want to pay tribute to a creative inspiration: Jean-Michel Basquiat. Perhaps doing an Ofrenda in a style similar to his will do … Continue reading Ofrenda for Basquiat

The Inner Beauty

What is the collective vision of beauty? If one finds themselves beautiful, in opposition to societal standards, can we accept their vision above ours? The label is on the inside and this figure wears it proudly and infectiously. They define themselves by their own terms. And with this confidence comes a new reality. They have … Continue reading The Inner Beauty

Theatrical Madness

All charcoalĀ sticks, almost... only a little blood Conte. Wonderfully messy and fun to do. Doing a reverse perspective drawing isn't new to me, but I've often gotten lost in the process and scrapped it because I overcomplicated it. This little face seemed to loom out of the backstage of a nearly darkened theatre and I … Continue reading Theatrical Madness

Midnight’s DJ

When I'm driving home late at night, I usually listen to the same DJ on the CBC. Odario Williams, with his deep radio voice and soulful statements about the dark, smoky, and soulful music he plays. It always conjures up the image of the Midnight DJ, alone in his radio station, far away from everything, … Continue reading Midnight’s DJ

Dear Caliban,

Charcoal sticks and coloured charcoal. Simple and spontaneous drawing. When my head suggested adding colour outside the face, I started to see who he was. It's my interpretation of the X-Men character of the same name. I have never known the character to be much of a smiler, but I tend to have smiles on … Continue reading Dear Caliban,

Casualty of War

Charcoal sticks and a little coloured charcoal rubbed over the page, blended, rubbed again, and blended again, then outlined... the end result is filled with pain and anguish. It reminded me of photographs of wounded soldiers, where it was hard to tell if the moment the camera captured was of them immobilized by their pain, … Continue reading Casualty of War

The Flemish Servant Girl

I am uncertain where I found the original photo for this portrait, but I'm sure the original photo didn't look like a close-up of the Dutch or flemish school painting. Perhaps the style or brushstroke indicative of these schools is all over the fingerprints of the Expressionist style I love so much. What ism or … Continue reading The Flemish Servant Girl

The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

First, do you also feel that this gentleman is missing his pipe? I get the feeling his hands might be fidgeting without it. Perhaps it's the feeling that he isn't sitting still, or that his eyes are imploring me to hurry up and finish the drawing, so he can get on with his business. I … Continue reading The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe