My intention was to see how the inks would bleed over the paper and interact when they only touch minimally.

I started by soaking the surface with clean water, then I dropped in some drops of the primary colours and watched them defuse for a few minutes. It frankly wasn’t moving fast enough for me, so I jumped to my next step… black ink.

I chose not to use the Pitt brush marker for this; instead I went with India ink.. water-based and I believed it would spread differently on the wet surface. I didn’t have a dropper handy so I filled the end of a Q-tip with the black ink and touched it lightly to the wet paper. Then something cool happened… it haloed and pushed the other inks… well, the ripples of the halo pushed the other colours… I wish I haver videoed it for you to see, because I was seeing the painting evolved on its own. AMAZING.

I didn’t really have an image in mind, only the experimentation determined my intention. However, I must have subconsciously wanted to create a space scene, because that is what I see. The ink borders at the top and bottom added a window view effect and I felt I might be looking through the condensation covered window of a spaceship traveling through a colourful nebula. (Thank you Gene Roddenberry for the amazing images I grew up on from the Star Trek universe).

I’m almost out of ink and have only intended two more such experiments in this series, so let’s see where I could go… any suggestions???


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