Full disclosure here: I didn’t start this with an intention and it didn’t result in any strong output for me. That and also I’m working on a new painting that is developing into something I’m really enjoying… I’ll start posting on that in a few days, but for now…

I started with a wet paper and added the inks to see how they would spread across the page. At first they didn’t and I supposed it was due to the fact that the ink wasn’t water based and needed a different solvent to dissolve it. I left it for a few hours and when I cam back, it was almost completely spread and merged across the page. I left it to dry overnight. In the morning I is as you see it, minus the marker drawing I added.

I didn’t see anything in the abstract colours and wasn’t sure if I could. I started a little research on Instagram and let the images sink in. I found some graffiti I really enjoy by Los Gemeos and the idea came that I could just superimpose the image onto this one. I think that if I were to do this on a large scale, I would keep the the process for the background, but do a more painterly approach to the figure… using actual paint. The contrast in materials could be very interesting. I’m considering it…

Stay tuned…


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