Short Film of the work: 

“Loss is nothing else but change, and change is nature’s delight.” by Marcus Aurelius

Artist Statement

  • I started with questioning how time affects the land. The answers were fast and few: growth, death, and erosion. 
  • My second thought related to a desire to make a kinetic sculpture, but how to relate it to my feelings about land in time? Again, erosion came to mind, then I found the items I wanted to use in my sculpture: time-worn stone stones, sea-glass, and drift wood. Granted these items are all transformed over time by their movements in the water, but given enough time, even mountains are transformed by erosion. Also, stones are part of the land, and trees cover it, until time transformed them. 
  • Each piece in this sculpture shows a different degree of the effects of time on them; each is gently transformed by erosion-over-time into something beautiful. Together they continue to sway, allowing erosion to continue on them.


  • “Some wish to relay that moment of stillness, creating a space in which viewers can find quiet for themselves.”  Turrell, James, “Slow Unfolding Moments” on ART21.
  • “Stones Sinking Into Sand” by Andy Goldsworthy
  • “How to build/make mobiles/kinetic sculptures”:

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