Not my artwork. I don’t know who it is.

I Came across this image a few months ago and saved it as a screenshot then filed it away in my ideas folder. Then I did what I do with so many images I keep… I forgot about it. Unfortunately I didn’t save it with the name of the artist and and the artwork, and I can’t seem to find who it is; I can’t read there signature. If you recognize it, please let me know, so I can give credit to the artist for inspiring my new exploration.

Back to the now… I rediscovered this image while I was procrastinating from a big teaching project and unfilled it onto my desktop. It personified the anxiety I was feeling about the project (A unit plan for my grade 11 art students that has them making a mural of self-portraits… I’ll post it sometime soon). Yesterday, (Dec 4, 21) I drew the first sketch and today (a couple of paintings followed.

I think it might evolve into a full painting [Acrylic, 48″(122cm) x 36″(91cm)], but first I want to play it out and see if I can use this process to change my planning methods. My intention is to make it into a self-portrait in time.

The title is a grammatically incorrect and ambiguous contraction of The Head. It’s a representation of a single feeling, a single expression, a single thought… ANXIETY.

This first sketch is done in medium charcoal on watercolour paper, 16″(40cm) x 12″(30cm).

Stay tuned…


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