The Flemish Servant Girl

I am uncertain where I found the original photo for this portrait, but I'm sure the original photo didn't look like a close-up of the Dutch or flemish school painting. Perhaps the style or brushstroke indicative of these schools is all over the fingerprints of the Expressionist style I love so much. What ism or … Continue reading The Flemish Servant Girl

The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

First, do you also feel that this gentleman is missing his pipe? I get the feeling his hands might be fidgeting without it. Perhaps it's the feeling that he isn't sitting still, or that his eyes are imploring me to hurry up and finish the drawing, so he can get on with his business. I … Continue reading The Elder, Albert; Without A Pipe

The Early Industrialist

I'm pretty sure this was an early exploration into my artist portraits series. I had decided to capture random faces from old pictures on Google images. I have no clue who this person was, but he reminds me of a face from a 19th century portrait. This might have been before photography was readily available. … Continue reading The Early Industrialist

Evil, at Rest

Is this character evil, or could that just be the name? Either way, they are in a casual mood and look restful in mind and body. Perhaps it's an old person dressing inappropriately for their age. It's hard to tell what's going on in their eyes and mind. What do you think they are thinking? … Continue reading Evil, at Rest


Now using only conte, and blending repeatedly between application of layers. I did let go of form on this one and not sure I got the face exactly as I hoped. The funny thing is it ended up looking like an old high school friend I was thinking about. Funny how the subconscious comes into … Continue reading Contentment

Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon

I've always been fascinated by Egon Schiele's self-portraits, but not entirely certain why. There's a vulnerability in them that I felt was recognizable in some other context and I found myself attracted to it. I only recently figured out a possible connection for me. I've been loving a load of New Wave music on Spotify … Continue reading Egon Schiele, New Wave Icon

Briefly Looking Back

Did she somehow catch the thoughts of the admirer behind her? Did someone say something that caught her attention? Either way, I caught her in a quick look back over her shoulder. Of course, this whole scene is in my imagination. I drew this from a picture of a model very accurately posing for her … Continue reading Briefly Looking Back


He looks down and away, unable to face your gaze. What did he do? Why is he so visibly filled with remorse? I've been told that an artist almost always incorporates part of themselves in every portrait they make. For me, I believe that something inside me often speaks out whey I make faces. I'm … Continue reading Remorse

500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #61: If Andy Warhol Were A Millennial

If Andy Warhol Were A Millennial: The History: This is my story and I’m sticking to it… for now. Andy Warhol is to date one of my favourite subjects. Somehow his image is very easily transposed to a graphic art style... even a manga feel. I found a picture of a very young Andy, before … Continue reading 500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #61: If Andy Warhol Were A Millennial