Self-Portrait Project 4 – I only see myself in my eyes

Again moving the selfie around to get different dimensions of my face... I managed to distort my perception enough o almost lose myself completely. I still see my eyes. I heard once that all portraitists paint something of themselves into every portrait they paint. This comes from the hours spent observing themselves to practice painting. … Continue reading Self-Portrait Project 4 – I only see myself in my eyes

Self-Portrait Project 3 – Looking into my own eye for a memory

I flipped and moved the focal point of one of my selfies to give myself a good staring into my own eye. I needed to see something there... something I was expressing. Without my glasses on my eyes often look very sleepy, old, and tired. But inside I feel very young and curious, especially when … Continue reading Self-Portrait Project 3 – Looking into my own eye for a memory

Self-portrait project 2 – How I feel when painting the unfamiliar.

I warped the selfie on my phone for the model on this one. I observed it for a few minutes and then painted from memory. As soon as the outlines went down on paper I was aware that I was channelling feelings about my age. I couldn't figure out why I let my nose remain … Continue reading Self-portrait project 2 – How I feel when painting the unfamiliar.

Self-portrait project 1 – The first selfie

The Winter semester of my painting course will be focusing on portraiture. I must admit that this frightens me greatly. I don't like staring at my own face, much less staring into the eyes of another to paint them. I'm also not a fan of realism in any sense. So, this challenge has many levels … Continue reading Self-portrait project 1 – The first selfie

Deep In Thought Self-portrait

Using a handmade marking brush: The handle is a cutting from a maple tree with jute twine and some coloured threads. The brush is a piece of an old loofa sponge (sea cucumber). The one used for this drawing was cut and attached transversely to the handle, to give a broader stroke. The India ink … Continue reading Deep In Thought Self-portrait

The Self-UnPortrait

What I learned in school this week... We were given only one prompt for this activity: "Shoot a self-portrait where you aren't directly in the shot." Of course hands flew up and questions were rapidly fired at the teacher, but he simply replied "you decide" and the questions stopped. Through the class discussion that followed … Continue reading The Self-UnPortrait

Myself, as a tree

What I learned in class this week... Imagine walking into class; the tables are on the sides and two long stops of brown paper have been taped to the floor. At the head of the class is a table covered in drawing materials. The only instructions we see at this point are signs on the … Continue reading Myself, as a tree

Myself, later On

My inspiration here was a portrait of an old man, obviously without a shirt. Perhaps to indicate a greater vulnerability. Only after putting a few lines on paper did I start feeling the familiarity. I think I was making a self-portrait as an older man. I let my mind go and my hands followed the … Continue reading Myself, later On

Could This Be Me?

Pinterest suggested to me a slew of self-portraits by Egon Schiele. His work has always had a visceral effect on me; simultaneously titilating and disturbing. I've read a little on his motivations and still feel that he was offering his own explanations to further instigate reactions. He was a shit disturber, for sure! However, there … Continue reading Could This Be Me?


Today, while doing some sketches, I looked in the mirror to see what face stared back. Then I let my subconscious take over the drawing. The inner vision goes with my fresh haircut, but my outside feels a little old and tired. Maybe all my self-portraits will reveal some of the true me, as I … Continue reading STILL YOUNG ON THE INSIDE