The Self-UnPortrait

What I learned in school this week... We were given only one prompt for this activity: "Shoot a self-portrait where you aren't directly in the shot." Of course hands flew up and questions were rapidly fired at the teacher, but he simply replied "you decide" and the questions stopped. Through the class discussion that followed … Continue reading The Self-UnPortrait

Myself, as a tree

What I learned in class this week... Imagine walking into class; the tables are on the sides and two long stops of brown paper have been taped to the floor. At the head of the class is a table covered in drawing materials. The only instructions we see at this point are signs on the … Continue reading Myself, as a tree

Myself, later On

My inspiration here was a portrait of an old man, obviously without a shirt. Perhaps to indicate a greater vulnerability. Only after putting a few lines on paper did I start feeling the familiarity. I think I was making a self-portrait as an older man. I let my mind go and my hands followed the … Continue reading Myself, later On

Could This Be Me?

Pinterest suggested to me a slew of self-portraits by Egon Schiele. His work has always had a visceral effect on me; simultaneously titilating and disturbing. I've read a little on his motivations and still feel that he was offering his own explanations to further instigate reactions. He was a shit disturber, for sure! However, there … Continue reading Could This Be Me?


Today, while doing some sketches, I looked in the mirror to see what face stared back. Then I let my subconscious take over the drawing. The inner vision goes with my fresh haircut, but my outside feels a little old and tired. Maybe all my self-portraits will reveal some of the true me, as I … Continue reading STILL YOUNG ON THE INSIDE

Looking Down On Oneself

Another self-portrait? Not entirely. The figure is decidedly choosing the perspective from which it is looking at itself. Removed and from above, it can safely criticize itself and feel simultaneously better than the subject and worst about themselves. it begs the answer to the question "are we ourselves?" This odd figure, with its Ichabod Crane … Continue reading Looking Down On Oneself

Selfies vs Self-Portraits – An Academic Reflection Paper

This week on my journey to getting my Art Ed. degree... Both selfies & self-portraits express visions of myself in time. Each serves as nostalgic reminders of my past and communicates how I wish to be perceived by others.  The selfie requires more spontaneity and invites the viewer into a conspiracy on where I am … Continue reading Selfies vs Self-Portraits – An Academic Reflection Paper

Painting With Light & Imagination

This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... I discovered the limitations and drawbacks of being an autodidact. For years, I've been experimenting with different media while making my art. I've told myself it doesn't really matter if I know what I'm doing or not, because I'm pursuing creativity. I'm just not convincing … Continue reading Painting With Light & Imagination

Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?

The Challenge of Making A Meaningful Selfie This week in In Pursuit of my Art Ed Degree... We covered the history of photography, mused on the similarities between art photography and photojournalism, and mused on the differences between Selfies & Self-Portraits. While the history gave me a clear understanding of the history of capturing light … Continue reading Self-Portraits – A Way To Define Self?

Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question

WHAT DO YOU DO? I ask and guide people to answer every question that begins with "Have you considered...?" People often ask me what do I do for a living. Until today, this question has often overwhelmed me and caused me tons of anxiety. How the hell can I answer this clearly and succinctly when … Continue reading Thursday’s Thoughts – On A Big Question