See T’Hed Six for previous progressions…

As stated yesterday, both Six and Seven reflect my crummy moods of late… Yesterday, I acknowledged some anger and sadness… this one makes me think I am receding into an empty space of icky feelings. I’m shrinking and loosing form (my self) and the happiness (yellow shapes) are all behind me. Arg! Maybe I should paint this and get it out of my system!

Again I started on an acre coloured paper stock, but used brown charcoal to make the initial outlines. I then added and added other scribbles around the vastly smaller face (ah, the not-so-unconscious reflections of our state of mind). At first, I didn’t add the yellow shapes and I felt frustrated without understanding why. I stood back and closed my eyes and the shapes poured in. I decided to use a blending pencil to make it all a little more fluid and painterly.

Time to sleep (well, at least try to sleep) on this hideous mood and see what tomorrow brings… Stay tuned…


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