See T’Hed Ten for previous progressions…

Note: I am repeating the same words as yesterday, as I feel they are relevant here and both drawings were done at the same time.

I fell upon a couple of sheets of a darker grey paper. I looked at them for a while and wondered if I should draw in only black charcoal or add colours… I saw the outcomes clearly in my mind and I didn’t feel the colours, but perhaps I’d play with some white and see what happens.

The first challenge was the paper tonality itself… fiercely grainy that becomes unescapable under the camera lens, but beautifully atmospheric in nature’s eye. Would I mare this natural beauty in adding too much to the image? Would white obliterate the substrate’s indigenous aesthetic? Maybe, and I needn’t decide in my visualizations… I need only start the drawing and feel it.

My initial intention was to draw in more than one face; without being sure why, it felt like a good progression of this series of explorations. I started with slight charcoal lines and then variated the pressure of the medium charcoal stick I used… I let my hands, more than my eyes run with it. I did battle the temptation of adding yellow into the squares and white into the eyes… I may explore that route in further drawings, but for now, I have only one more piece of this paper stock, so we shall see.

Stay tuned…


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