See T’Hed Twelve for previous progressions…

Note: I did Twelve and Thirteen in the same sitting and used most of the same decisions on both, other than placement of the faces… so the texts will be repeated both days. Going forward there should be some interesting changes… stay tuned…

Starting with some blue, textured drawing stock, I needed to decide course, material, and shapes… as well as volume (how many faces…). I considered what colours play off the blue the best… I wanted a yellow sky and dark (brown) ground so the faces could pop if they remained the raw blue of the paper. My initial break with previous ones was what colour should I use for the floating (emotion) squares? The raw Sienna charcoal would bounce and float very well against the canary yellow and burnt umber (brown). Then I had to stand back and consider the eyes and lips… I chose to blend different charcoals, including some white to mute them when I finished with my hard outlines of black.

So, I’m done with my coloured paper stock and feel a need to change the substrate, as well as the location I’m working in… I don’t feel I’m ready to start the painting yet, but these last two drawings have me wanting g to use oil paint… I just need the healthy space to paint in. It’s time to see what the environment can add to my next steps in this exploration…


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