See T’Hed Thirteen for previous progressions

For starters let me say that I thought I would be moving onto another canvas for future explorations and I had found a pile of interesting card stock to play with, but while contemplating other media to draw with, I found another five sheets of the same paper I’ve been working on. I decided to re-explore the use of pastels and see what might happen…

Each of the drawing you’ll see over the next few days started with medium charcoal outlines… each one on a different coloured paper.

I started colouring the eyes, lips and teeth with conte and then added oil pastels… the floating yellow squares came first as continuation from the previous works, but I needed some expansion for the backgrounds… orange and pink felt like opposing hues for the blue paper and the yellow squares…

I didn’t fully expect the charcoal to bleed so mush as I blended the oil pastels across the background, but I love the effect, so it’s become an anticipated outcome in this that follow.

Stay tuned…


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