See T’Hed Twenty-Four for previous musings…

I felt a need to play with form and get really in your face! I’ve been marvelling at how my daughter and my students make digital art… trying to get them to use those stylus techniques in a watercolour project… digitally, they are able to zoom in & out of the image to add details. I’ve been trying to visualize how to do this on physical media and how to explain it.

So far I am just describing it just as I see it… see above. I need them to look, to observe, to visualize… it forces them to slow down the process and increase the intentionality of their choices.

Regarding the colours on this one… because I often make several drawing in a single sitting, I often try to change up colours between them… these are the colours ii felt I hadn’t tried in this sitting. I must say that I’m really loving the decay and rockabilly illustration feel I get from the crappy dollar store crayons, especially for the skin tones.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come…


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