See T’Hed Twenty-Three for more thoughts on this…

Ok, I was on a Zoom workshop while doing the last one and realized I was making all sorts of distorted, concentration faces while making it. In my mind’s eye, I imagined this is what my face look likes while making art. I also felt a need to make the eyes feel huge and tired, as that is the Zoom burnout I feel. ( I really think the Zoom burnout is cumulative. It. is mentally draining to teach and learn on a small screen. ) So, that explains a little about the inspiration for the shapes, now for the colours. I loved the. vibrancy I got in the last drawing and wanted to continue with this one. I ran out of red, so I used a dark pink for the lips. I’m going to try different colours for that as I continue this exploration.

I didn’t see it right way, but I feel the need to start changing the straight line horizon… maybe it’s time to explore more complexity on the backgrounds too.

Stay tuned… not will come… just not on T’Hed Twenty-Five… but, soon!


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