With my last posting still whispering (more like a loud nagging) in my ears to get creative, I’ve been trying to take my quiet moments to see what’s around me. Not just looking and not searching… letting myself see what presents itself. Of course something presented itself in the bathroom. If your reaction is “YUCK”, it would be my first feeling too; along with some childish giggles. However, here’s the visual account for you, without the icky details.

It’s a tiny bathroom for the male teachers where I teach: single stall with sink and the hand dryer placed so close to your face (when sitting) one needs to be mindful not to smash their head on it. The hand-dryer is mounted on a plank of melamine coated particleboard. The design is subtle and almost entirely unremarkable. In fact, It’s been in front of my face all year and I never noticed it before this day.

All grayscale tones verging on the mysterious interpretations of taupe; straight vertical lines with little delineation, and flat, flat, flat. Only today my eyes are tired and I saw it twice at once. The first time I ignored it; perhaps I dismissed it because reminded me of a poorly copied and monotone version of some Molinari painting. Yet, it came into my awareness again and I started to see it as converging lines; probably due to a lesson I was teaching my students. o, I angled my camera to create a some dynamic movement and force the focal point into the aura of the vanishing point.

Success, I think! What do you think about it?

My eyes are starting to see inspirations again and there is much more to come…


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