Teaching is an ongoing learning process… at least that’s how I’ve chosen to experience this amazing career! I’m always looking for more tools, methods, and ideas to enhance the learning experience of my students. Being dedicated to offering cross-curricular experiences, I look for ways to get out of the traditional classroom. What better way than to actually take my students outdoors and into the forest?

Forest schooling give a combination of options to all sorts of learners. It slows down the information by allowing the students to experience what’s around them with their own senses. And who doesn’t like climbing trees, running through fields and having campfires? Campfires open room for creative literacy & personal expression through storytelling. Add a day of obstacle courses filled with treasure hunts and hidden math challenges and you are starting to see the benefits.

This method of teaching resonates with me, both because of the kind of experiential learner I am, and the possibilities it allows for inclusive and safer learning experiences. The course gave me loads of hints for students on the Autism spectrum, ADHD, and emotional challenges. It really opened my eyes and mind to finding ways of including my students with physical challenges.

On a personal note, while reminiscing about all the amazing outdoor opportunities I had as a kid, I became even more certain I must include some of the lessons I learned in the years to come and that my students will have a ball doing them!


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