See T’Hed Thirty-Five for more on this process…

Full disclosure… my last post was written a week ago and I’ve lost the storyline I thought I was writing… it was more a stream of consciousness thing anyway… which leads well into the title of this piece…

What happens in a stream of consciousness is often hard to pin down. The mind seems to wander down various paths, taking turns in the narrative that appear both slight and dramatically incomprehensible to the reader. What the reader seldom witnesses are the pauses in the writing. These pauses can cause the subtle changes to the story that explore possibilities; the worlds created by the artists are also filled with layer upon layer of pauses… decisions contemplated to take the work in a diversity of directions while working out a myriad of solutions for staying on the original vision. I think my pauses sometimes strip away strong colours and seek to focus on subtle tonalities. What comes next is often a jolt to the senses of the viewer, but in the mind of the artist… it is just another step after potentially hundreds of subtler ones.

Stay tuned for more….


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