The Three Gentlemen Walkers

The idea for this came from my People of the Land series. As I was painting it, I started to feel that the muse was whispering other influences right into my mind. The colours are more African inspired, and the figures feel like some traditional Cuban or Dominican folk pain tings I've seen in markets … Continue reading The Three Gentlemen Walkers


Beauty is Two Dimensional

She's stick thin and is meant to be a blank canvas upon which beauty is painted. By herself, this model is meant to have little substance. I've drawn her with almost no contour and decided to catch her as she's turning in profile, where she might just disappear. For more of my drawings please visit … Continue reading Beauty is Two Dimensional

And Then She Walked In…

I was doing a little research on some abstract cubism and came across a bunch of loosely figurative paintings. I was amazed at the expressiveness they offered. I was immediately drawn in to the possible stories the figures were living and enjoyed them extensively. The more minimalist ones offered the greatest room for me to … Continue reading And Then She Walked In…

500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #99: The Last Hollow Men

The Last Hollow Men: The History: Here’s my part of the story. Tell me what you see and write the next chapter… Back in the 80s, following the release of Pink Floyd the Wall, I started seeing these images repeating in literature, film, and painting... oddly I found these nihilistic sentiments repeated in earlier works … Continue reading 500 Works of Art on the Road to Your Creativity #99: The Last Hollow Men