See T’Hed Thirty-Six for more on this process…

My subconscious decided on a different neck for this one (Without a doubt, which will re-appear in future explorations). Maybe I was digging deep into my mental catalogue and some childhood image came to mind. It feels like I’m expressing more of an inner child/drawing here. t’s definitely faster, more instinctive drawing. I made strong lines and minimal extras (eg. no lips). It’s raw and emotional.

“Boop” is an Italian (maybe Sicilian) expression I have always loved and only really started to understand when I made some very close, Sicilian friends while working in Madrid, Spain. It seems togo way beyond saying “I don’t know”, and come just short of saying “I don’t care”. It feels a little like inviting someone to continue thinking about the subject at hand, but not offering any commitment of interest or disinterest. Ah, maybe it’s like saying a kind version of “Whatever”.

More to come…


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