See T’Hed Fifty-Six for more…

Ok, so maybe I’m reaching with my title question… a red stripe… a white stripe… where’s the green stripe? Perhaps the yellow and blue floaters have the answer… if they combine… Yes, I’m reaching! The rough and raw feel (ie: messy) that I love works on this one and gives it that weird graphic novel or retro-pulp mags of sixties look… This might be the first one that gives me the sense I could paint this on a large canvas by using my thin-scrap pallet knife technique… The questions is how to use collage in the mix and still scrape (more opaque) paint over it? Hmmm! And I thought I was getting tired of T’Hed, but here he is challenging me to continue working out this inspiration…

Stay tuned…


One thought on “Working out an Inspiration – T’Hed Fifty-Seven: A Deconstructed Italian Flag?

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