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The main focus ere was to use acrylic inks and my nib tipped ink pen and ink well. This short series of five drawings all started with the painting (with a China brush) large forms in the three primary ink colours. When dry, they sat untouched for a few weeks, because I didn’t like the. look of them and couldn’t quite figure out where I wanted this to go… I did want the 60s feel, but the retro feel eluded me until I just took a risk and drew on. top of them. I chose to colour in the eyes, lips, and floaters with oil pastels, but I’m not sure that worked either. I chose to leave the holes at the top of the pages to keep a rustic and free-form feel, but I find it messy and won’t continue that in future explorations. I feel that I need to use different nibs on my ink pen and see how that might work… also, the way I use the colours needs to change… I’m considering options…

More to come…


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