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I don’t know if there’s an absolute truth in the saying “Everything old is new again”, but on this sunny day, I found evidence for it on St-Paul Street in the Old Port of Montreal. Maybe I was just looking for some evidence that people are starting to once again appreciate the craftsmanship of older times, or that I am seeing so many old buildings in the process of renovation… which seems to always be preceded by the removal of uglier coverings and the revelation of extraordinary materials covered by time. In this case, I have never noticed these old oak doors on a pub I frequented in my more youthful days. Perhaps they were always open, covered in posters and fronted by a glass and aluminum door. Whatever caused my lack of perception, they are now shining in the sunlight (or sunset light) with signs of weathering adding a glorious patina and a rich warmth modern perfection cannot match! I will now keep a closer eye open for the many old doors of old Montreal that I sincerely hope will unearthed as the city continues to see more renovations.

More to come…


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