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I’m aware that being critical of one’s work isn’t the best way of marketing it, but my goal here isn’t about that… it must remain a reflective process on my material explorations. Having said so, the main issues I have with this one are that the ink nib needs to be bigger and possible to use several different nibs. I rushed through the drawing and that is more a statement on how it felt to draw it; sometimes I draw very fast but it still feels like I’ve spent a lot of time on it… perhaps that is because I have a long visualization prior to putting ink to paper. As I stated in the first of this series of five, I just wanted to get through it, because I didn’t like the way the coloured ink sat on the page. In retrospect, my strong desire to not waste the ink and paper, should have been. a secondary concern; I could have shelved these papers for some future project, instead of using them for T’Hed.

More to come…


One thought on “Working out an I aspiration – T’Hed Sixty: Oversimplification

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