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Heading east on boul. Mont-Royale, where some of the boutiques thin and are replaced with sporadic, ethnic bistros and less charming shops (pharmacies, convenience stores, and liquor shops) you come across a small roadside park with a water fountain. The park is beautifully maintained, as are the buildings around it… well, for the most part beautifully maintained. Without conviction, I’m assuming this mural was installed several decades ago, because it is painted on wood boards and installed on the wall with lights. Probably commissioned by the business owner who previously owned whatever store was in this site… my memory fails as to what it was. Since most of the murals in the area are painted right on the bricks, except for a small grouping (such as this one) that appeared during some forgotten mayor’s rule of our city. It appears that the local wall artist (a.k.a. Graffiti artists) don’t appreciate this work and see it as something other than street art: see the quick tags infecting the mural. To degrade the value of it even more, there is a hideous marketing sign tacked right next to it and the landscaping below it is somewhat neglected. Has the public spoken their judgements on this artwork, or is time adding it’s tiny embellishments to challenge our aesthetics? Like beauty, the answer is in the eye of the beholder.

More to come…


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