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Take a look through a few travel guides for what might be considered signature sights of Montreal and you will undoubtedly find reference to the spiralling, metal staircases on the outsides of many of our urban residences. Le Plateau de Montreal is an excellent place to find many, many examples of these… And when wandering this vast neighbourhood, you will also find a multitude of murals; many decades old, and many, many more newer ones that seem to spring up each year, such as this one that depicts any other Montreal signatures. The magic of this mural is in how it captures the Montreal experience of interconnectedness. When one visits our city, they can experience hectic metropolitan centres juxtaposed with the serenity of hidden parks and distinct neighbourhood, that sometimes change from block to block. For me, this mural is a reflection of the total Montreal experience, if you allow yourself to roam from one end of the island to the other.

More to come…


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