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I’m taking a wild guess that the artist who made the buildings wasn’t from Montreal. The ne closest to the left of the shot looks almost like a favela in Brazil, while the others a little castle like or monastery like. All have a certain Spanish & Italian flair. The building on which they are painted appears to be unused and waiting for its next purpose. Perhaps the artist felt that too and decided to make some suggestions for the rebuild. Since Covid hit, there seems to be a lot more empty commercial buildings. You’d think wth the massive need for more housing and the popularity of this neighbourhood, more developers would be trying to convert them to trendy lofts and condos. Another little point of interest in this building is the glimpse of the old nineteenth century foundation supporting the concrete wall. Whatever this was originally, it has already been updated at least once. I hope the next update tries to preserve some of the history of this structure.

More to come…


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