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I seem to recall from my teenage adventures onto Le Plateau Mont-Royale, that one would often find such back alley doors to be open and muffled sounds often came from the dark within, or old residents would be sitting on the steps having a smoke and chatting down the alleyway to fellow door sitters and passersby. From my younger perspective it felt a little intimidating to walk through these micro-communities; not ever wanting to disturb the peace of the inhabitants. However, it also felt so much friendlier than today, because there was an unmistakable community. Of course, it always helped to get warm smiles from the weathered faces who were also enjoying the day from their own stoops. I guess the entries appear secret to me because I never ventured into one in those days of the dominance of my parents’ voices warning me of strangers; whom by their label, must literally be strange and possibly doing strange things.

More to come…


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