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This simple composition really captures what I keep looking for in my search for the story of Montreal Walls. Layers of dirt, stucco, plater, plastered-on-posters, and whitewashing never completely succeed in covering the personality of the walls themselves; that personality is so strong that it always finds some way to speak through the years of aging. In this image, the dull plaster has fallen off in a corner to reveal the vibrant and beautiful red brick of the original wall. Stories of Montreal in earlier years of the twentieth century are filled with descriptions of the colours of Montreal. Artists fill their nostalgic compositions with similar colours. Records of L’Ecole des beaux-arts and many stories of Montreal artists always include descriptions of the vibrancy of the city. To me, at least, it is no wonder the very buildings of our city insist on showing their colourful souls.

More to come…


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