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It’s very easy to ignore such walls: they are messy, hard to read, chaotic, and even frightening reminders of urban decay, but stop for a moment and observe closely… One can see ephemeral and seemingly incongruous conversations layering one upon the other. It feels like taking a long metro ride where you can listen into parts of peoples’ conversations as they enter and leave the train cars; all unconnected except for the reality that they are part of the story of our city. Like the conversationalists in the metro, there is no intent or judgement to ignore the discussions of others; each new contributing artists simply adds the conversation they are in at that moment to the energy of the area. The viewer is left with the choice to piece it all together in their own interpretation of meaning, or to ignore it and let the ambient noise ease into its own place in their visual literacy.

More to come…


3 thoughts on “The Noise of the Neighbourhood- Montreal Walls project – Thirty

  1. Well said, I love the analogy between wall painting to overhearing fleeting conversations on the metro or city streets. Our infrastructure tells us so much about our overarching humanity across time and place. Wall painting is, of course, the crux of visual literacy and the start of our artistic development. Therefore taking the time to stop and deeply observe the markings made by our fellow humans throughout the years could certainly lead to significant cultural understandings.

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