See more of Montreal Walls

As you can probably tell from many of my photos, I have a strange love of decaying things (and shadows, apparently). I’ve been noticing more murals of this sort during my walks and I find them intriguing and fascinating. They appear to be painted or printed on paper somewhere other than the wall they are on, and then badly plastered to the walls. I wonder if it’s time or the artist who tears some of it off, to give it the feeling of an old story with vital clues missing for the reader to fully understand it. And then there’s these bizarre smiley faces with multilingual messages where the mouthes should be. They appear on all sorts of signs and murals. I believe they are meant to look like they are plastered on over the original image, but when we look closer, they appear to be part of the original design. Part of me doesn’t really want an answer to this mystery, because it may distract from the draw of the image.

More to come???


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