My wife and I had been talking about taking a walk in the waterfront park on Ile-Bizard (Parc-nature du Bois-de-L’Ile-Bizard) for many. years now and we just couldn’t find the time to get there when it was open. On this particularly humid, cloudy (damp, really), and buggy July afternoon, we ventured out to see what we could see. We spent well over an hour on the shoreline (where I. build. up many balancing rock monuments… photos to follow soon). We tried to go into the forest and I got devoured by bug as soon as I stood still. I endured it to capture this shot. Every now and. then, something catches my eye and I have no clue what I’m seeing at first; all I know is it appeals to my senses. I took a handful of shot as the mosquitoes drained me from every centimetre of exposed skin and ran out of the forest, determined to review and unpack what I’d seen later in the day. Once I’d replenished myself with a nice burger, I started filtering and closing my shots. he high resolution on this tree’s stills standing corpse asked me to follow the path behind it. I’m guessing it was placed there by the mosquitoes and black-flies as some subliminal siren call to a feast.

I originally captured the shot in full color, but the greyness of the day muted everything and I wanted to share that feeling with you by pulling out a little green on the leaves.

More to come…


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