The warm sunny day I kayaked out to the little island in Riviere-des-Prairies, I discovered that many people do the. same. I was uncertain that any sculpture I build would remain untouched, especially after a young family stopped by to see what. I was doing and told me they’d visit to take a. closer look later on. I din’t see them make any further visits, but I did see others… For the most part, people were respectful and only took pictures. I wonder if any were posted on social media… I wonder a the conversation… who made these? what is there purpose? what do they mean? Well, I hope these. are the sorts of questions my sculptures evoke. I kept an eye on them for weeks and it looks like they are all still standing, sort of… I’m sure the weather will play around with them and they will become something new… and then, perhaps inspire more curiosity.

More to come…


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