For the next while, I will be posting the drawings/paintings done in an old music book I found in a thrift store. Why old music books? Well, the paper is thick and often made with cotton fibres; it has some texture slightly smoother than watercolour paper, and it hold pigments very well. This particular music book had pages of different colours to add to the fun.

The subject/theme of these drawings are all over the place, but mainly animals… all the drawings are in a horizontal orientation… all are whimsical in nature and intent.

The majority are done in pastels or wax crayon… but other materials are in the planing.

Why “Anger”? Well, this poor guy just looks very angry. Perhaps it’s because he poorly shaped with very tiny fins to move him about… I imagine if he is inflated, his face might actually be above water, which possibly adds further aggravation o his life…

What do you think his story is?

More to come…


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