In the dusty corners of my studio,

Lie heaps of treasures yet to be explored,

Brushes caked with paint, canvas, and clay,

Whose potential remains untapped and unexplored.

My heart swells with anticipation,

At the thought of carving in soapstone,

Or molding clay into abstract shapes,

All while my imagination roams.

I hoard these unused tools and materials,

In the hopes they’ll inspire me anew,

A compulsive need to build up supplies,

To unleash a creative breakthrough.

Each day, I vow to dig in and create,

But my eyes fall on the mountain of supplies,

And my mind wanders to what could be,

And my hands remain idle, paralyzed.

In front, the joy that awaits me,

If only I can break through this cycle,

And let my art flow freely,

Without the weight of this material pile.

But for now, I’ll keep dreaming,

Of the endless possibilities that await,

And continue hoarding these art tools and materials,

In hopes that one day they’ll fuel my artistic fate.


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