In the dimly lit gallery,

Three sculptures stand in silent dialogue.

Their stony faces, wrought with emotion,

Discussing world politics with fervour and passion.

They argue deeply, these works of art,

Beyond their medium they tell stories,

Of wars and conflicts, of oppression and fear,

Of hope and liberation, of courage and love.

Their forms, chiseled and shaped with care,

Hold within them a message, a plea,

For humanity to see beyond the surface,

To dig deeper, to understand and empathize.

As they wait for a patron to buy them,

To provide them with purpose and meaning,

They continue to converse, to ponder,

To possibly solve global issues, if given the chance.

For art is not just a mere creation,

But a vehicle for truth and reflection,

A mirror that reveals the world’s complexities,

And a beacon that illuminates a path forward.


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