The sculptures stand tall and proud

Majestic figures wrought in dirt and fire

Beyond their medium, they tell tales

Of world politics and global strife

One statue argues with fervour and desire

Their words cutting through the air like a knife

The second responds with measured tones

Seeking to find a common ground

The third remains silent, but their presence is felt

A weighty stillness that demands attention

As the trio debates and discusses

The world outside moves on, unaware

Yet they continue their impassioned discourse

Deeply entrenched in their own convictions

And as they await a patron to claim them

They dream of a purpose to supply their needs

Perhaps they will be the catalyst

That sets change in motion, a spark

That ignites a movement to solve

The issues that plague our world

For art is more than just a single medium

It is a powerful tool that can inspire

And these sculptures, these voices in clay

May just be the key to unlocking our future.


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