The use of technology in art has been present for centuries, with examples such as Leonardo da Vinci’s mechanical inventions or the camera obscura used by Vermeer to create his paintings. However, the emergence of technology as a central theme in contemporary art began in the mid-twentieth century.

One of the earliest technology art movements was Kinetic Art, which emerged in the 1950s and 60s. Kinetic Art is an art form that involves movement, often generated by motors or other mechanical means. The artists associated with this movement sought to explore the relationship between art and technology and create works that were dynamic and interactive.

In the 1960s, artists began experimenting with electronic media, such as video and sound. Video art emerged as a new medium for artists to explore, with pioneers such as Nam June Paik and Bill Viola creating works that used video as a means of exploring perception and identity.

In the 1980s, the rise of personal computing and the internet led to the emergence of new art forms, such as digital art and net art. Digital art uses computer technology to create and manipulate images and sounds, while net art explores the possibilities of the internet as a medium for art.

Today, technology continues to be a central theme in contemporary art, with artists using a wide range of technologies, including virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, to create works that push the boundaries of what art can be and do.


6 thoughts on “How and where did technology impact art movements – An ‘Isms’ Overview

  1. Totally understand! Loved the structure of your essay and how you included the definitions of art terms like for kinetic art. Is it possible to add links/ names/ examples of kinetic works/ artists and same for digital art?

    It may be interesting to add links to “further reading” at the end to keep the questions and research on going for viewers

    Hope this makes sense – really enjoyed reading this!

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      1. Of course! I really enjoyed how you added the definitions of the art terms – like kinetic art – are you able to add links to artists who completed kinetic art? And maybe links to “further reading” at the end following your essay and research? Just some ideas 👍🏻 still enjoyed the post and how it was structured!

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