In the midst of an endless sea

Of golden blooms that reach for the sun

Stands a solitary sunflower, unique

Its slender stem and delicate head

Bowing down to meet my upward gaze

As I approach, it seems to come alive

Its petals spread wide, revealing a heart of fire

And from its young centre, a glowing light

That illuminates my mind and warms my soul

How strange that in this crowded field

It is the loneliest of flowers

Yet it radiates a light that draws me near

And fills me with wonder and awe

Strange fragile blossom, how you captivate

With your inner light and your determined grace

In my mind your beauty will never fade, your flame never die

And you will always stand tall, a memory of hope and bliss.

2 thoughts on “Downward Glance – Monochromes in a Colourful Mind

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