Through the woods I wander,

Unfamiliar trees tower above,rit

Their leaves gossiping secret wonders,

Of the ground beneath my feet,

A carpet of upturned and rotting roots.

As I move deeper into the forest,

My mind begins to wander,

And I imagine one of these roots,

As the skeletal remains of a dragon,

Its bony spine twisted below the surface.

I picture the dragon,

Once mighty and fearsome,

Lying here for centuries,

Forgotten by all but the trees.

And as I pass by,

I can almost hear its whisper,

A faint echo of a time long gone,

When dragons ruled the skies.

The forest around me seems alive,

With the spirit of this ancient creature,

And I feel a sense of wonder,

At the mysteries that lie within.

For even in death,

The dragon’s presence lingers,

A testament to its power,

And a reminder of the magic that once was.

So I continue on my journey,

Through this strange and wondrous land,

Eager to discover what other secrets,

Lie hidden in this enchanted forest.

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