The Alien Vermeer Doing a Study For The Girl…

I had a few other titles in mind for this one, such as: "Damn it, I forgot the earring" or "Oh, right! Humans don't have ears! I almost gave my secret away. LOL" If you haven't figured my absurdist humour out yet, I imagined the artist Vermeer was an Alien and his actual studio was … Continue reading The Alien Vermeer Doing a Study For The Girl…


Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Now, I know I've seen this devil cyclops somewhere before, so I have to give credit where it's due, even if I'm not sure who did it originally. My initial inspiration for this was seeing some Halloween decorations around my neighbourhood. Quite a few people have shrunken heads hanging around. I imagined someone who has … Continue reading Some People Have The Strangest Sense Of Decor

Mechanical Mummification

The Industrial Revolution is in full swing all over the world and it has made the planet much smaller, as travellers come home with the strangest artifacts from far off lands. The bi-product is that science is developing unchecked and amorally. Mad Science has become the fashion of the day among the rich and privileged. … Continue reading Mechanical Mummification

Marilyn Manson Smiling At His Granddaughter

Originally a meant to be a study of this odd model posing in drawing class, and yes, he was wearing smudged makeup. There was something very familiar in the face. At first, I thought it was an old friend from school, then slowly something else emerged. Perhaps it was the fact that our teacher likes … Continue reading Marilyn Manson Smiling At His Granddaughter

The Practice of Teaching… Art

What I learned (& taught) in school this week... We had a peer workshop set up this week: 6 stations for 6 groups... each instructor would teach the same workshop 6 times... Are you confused by the math, yet? Let me make it simple. I taught the same workshop to six groups made up of … Continue reading The Practice of Teaching… Art

Ofrenda for Basquiat

November 2nd is The Day of The Dead and we must create these memorial images of those we want to remember. I'm playing with the interpretation of this awesome Mexican tradition, but I want to pay tribute to a creative inspiration: Jean-Michel Basquiat. Perhaps doing an Ofrenda in a style similar to his will do … Continue reading Ofrenda for Basquiat


The intention was to give the feel of something that may have formed naturally following the eruption of a volcano. For this, I used very unusual materials to colour the inner and outer surface. This one of those pieces that no school would allow me to make in their classes. Thank goodness I had the … Continue reading Striations

The Inner Beauty

What is the collective vision of beauty? If one finds themselves beautiful, in opposition to societal standards, can we accept their vision above ours? The label is on the inside and this figure wears it proudly and infectiously. They define themselves by their own terms. And with this confidence comes a new reality. They have … Continue reading The Inner Beauty

Spirit At The Crossroads

Charcoal plays all sorts of tricks on the eye and mind. Here the figure started much smaller, and yet with each new viewing, it appears closer to you. The scenery is also evolving as one watches it, revealing the figure to be standing at a crossroads, waiting to bargain a deal. There is little in … Continue reading Spirit At The Crossroads

Fading Memories

Ghost or fading photograph? You decide. The dust of time is blowing across this sweet girl of centuries past. Her clothes give us a hint of where and when, but there must be more to her story. Who was she? Who loved her and who did she love? I once heard that when we see … Continue reading Fading Memories