Well Preserved

The frost had just melted and left us with some colour preserved in these dying leaves. It's a wonder if they know they are dead yet. I adore these tones and hues of greens and browns. I feel that If I could stare at them long enough I might be able to emulate them in … Continue reading Well Preserved


Walking The Line

Is there such a thing as minimalist photography? Well, if there is, I'm not sure if this would qualify; the landscape that is the surface of this field rock seems to be rich with colours, textures, and the signs of life gone by. It goes way beyond grayscale, it shows yellows, pinks, greens, and blues … Continue reading Walking The Line

Waiting to Rot

Another macro shot was taken in early Spring. Taken well before the Spring cleaning that tidied up the yard and helped me transform it into a more purposeful zen garden. The dry leaves and other detritus left behind by the previous season leave us with shapes, tones, and textures. I felt I had to go … Continue reading Waiting to Rot

Used And Rotted

I reclaimed an old wooden ladder from a neighbour's trash and had lofty plans to convert it into some shabby-chic treasure. It sat outside baking in the sun last summer and under the snow all this past winter. Amazingly, most of the paint and dirt remained on it through all that. I gave it a … Continue reading Used And Rotted


Debris and rot in progress. These leave much to the imagination. I blurred the image and saw water with my mind's eye. Something like the Renaissance paintings of Ophelia drowning in her stream. There are all sorts of strange things going on in this shot that I can't explain; the most obvious is the burst … Continue reading Uncertainties


These sorts of images bring me a great deal of pleasurable anxiety! I tend to take hundreds of them; seldom really knowing why I'm attracted to the shot. A tension arises in my chest as I frantically search for what I'm seeing. My eyes rapidly move back and forth across the vision I've framed in … Continue reading Textures

Raw, Rough, and Delicate

The mundane seems to explode with possibility when looked at up close. This is part of the carpets I put on my decks in the Winter to make them less slippery. From far, they are unremarkable, dull, brownish, dirty, rough, and not very appealing. On the day I took this shot, the sun was bright … Continue reading Raw, Rough, and Delicate

Green Uncertainties

I have all these fern-like plants around my house. From far, they are not too exciting to look at but get closer and they become a jungle filled with ominous possibility. To the naked eye, the bigger and finer leaves appear to be two different plants; they even have different green hues. Up close, they … Continue reading Green Uncertainties

Shinning Through #5

I played with the sun a little on this morning; playing hide and seek throughout the macro view of the camera lens. This is a whole series dedicated to seeing differently. It felt like a great extension of my current desire to take a look closer at stuff. The bright morning sun gave a little … Continue reading Shinning Through #5

Left After The Snow Melts

Sorry to break things up, but I missed this one. I was lifting a stack of dry leaves I had racked and found this lemon geranium leaf. I'm fascinated by the contrast this near-pristine leaf against the rot under it. With the almost-still-red maple leaf next to it, I heard a story in my mind. … Continue reading Left After The Snow Melts