The Forest Walk

You just have to stop and listen. Suddenly, what you see becomes sound. Your eyes adjust and everything vibrates green. Go take a walk at The Morgan Arboretum. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @

Surrounded By Life

I went for a short walk around the garden as a break from my reading and my mind was open to seeing. I noticed these goldenrod weeds and wondered if they would look more magical up-close. To my surprise, they were full of bees of all sizes and shapes... It made me realize that nature … Continue reading Surrounded By Life


The wind was gentle and moved these tiny flowers softly into the frame of my shot; making it look like the flowers were photobombing the shot. I can almost hear them giggling at their successful prank. Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


What's hiding in the shadowy hole of this dead tree? Could it be the woodpecker that bored the holes we see all over its body? Maybe. I only glimpsed the movement of the shadow out of the corner of my eye. It remained still while I looked straight at it. Prints & more available at … Continue reading Peek-a-boo

New Arrival to Death

Take a moment and observe all the colours and textures of this composition. Mother Nature painted this. She filed it with reminders of the wonderful life all around us. She reminds us to stop and take a moment. This leaf with it's mottled green and yellow surface drew me in and I'm so glad it … Continue reading New Arrival to Death

Looks good enough to eat…

These looked soft and fragrant, like oyster mushrooms. I really need to take a course on edible mushrooms! Maybe I was getting hungry when I saw these, maybe it was just my mind transitioning from thinking ahead to being present in the moment... the hunger left and I started hearing and seeing the forest around … Continue reading Looks good enough to eat…

Edible, Magic, or Poisonous?

I really need to take a course on foraging and mushrooms. The forest is packed with life and I feel I know nothing about most of it. Arg!!! There's just so much to learn. Amazingly, even though I notice so many things and really love noticing them, I get anxious at not knowing more about … Continue reading Edible, Magic, or Poisonous?

Coral Fungus

We saw these in a small area, deep under the heavy canopy, next to heavily rotted logs... and nowhere else in the entire forest. They seemed to be spreading out from a core near the logs. Bright and translucent white blooms; they vibrated and seemed blurry to my eyes as if I was looking at … Continue reading Coral Fungus

Colonizing Decay

We saw loads of these little mushrooms all over the Morgan Arboretum forest... on dead and dying trees, and on the lower sides of tall healthy-looking trees too. Trees of all diameters and species. The commonality is that these paper-thin and undulated-surface fungi always grow in what looks like a colony. Bu themselves, they appear … Continue reading Colonizing Decay

Canary Yellow Brush Strokes

This little flower measures about one centimetre in diameter and gives off more yellow than imaginable. When reviewing the images I took, it seemed to me that the outer petals resemble brushstrokes with good, thick oil paint. I may have to try and reproduce this image in oils! Prints & more available at Arts MPerron … Continue reading Canary Yellow Brush Strokes