Just Starting Out

Hyperfocus is often overrated! I could have used a different lens and gotten all the detail on this shot, but then where would the mystery be? Would I have any tension beyond possible contrasts and shadows? I doubt it. Here we have the possibility of budding cotton flowers where the plant is the furthest thing … Continue reading Just Starting Out

Imagine The Red

I got in really close to my Japanese maple tree and was astonished by the structure of the leaves. They reminded me of blades at first, then a little like a pile of sword blades overlapping each other. As I continued to stare and play with settings, including switching to monochrome, I found it reminded … Continue reading Imagine The Red

I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Imagine the lush greens, modulating hues and tones with the sunlight that hits them through the canopy. Imagine the wind twisting the leaves in all directions and showing the natural colour changes in each leaf. Imagine how the underbelly of each maple leaf has a silvery iridescence that reflects even more colour changes. Imagine the … Continue reading I Can Feel the Colour and the Light

Green Uncertainties

I have all these fern-like plants around my house. From far, they are not too exciting to look at but get closer and they become a jungle filled with ominous possibility. To the naked eye, the bigger and finer leaves appear to be two different plants; they even have different green hues. Up close, they … Continue reading Green Uncertainties

Gothic Leanings

Early this Spring, I took several pictures of the dead milkweed plants in a nearby field. I've always found these beautiful and used to use them in flower arrangements and other wall-hanging sculptures. The grey tones really appeal to me, even before I started to understand Wabi-Sabi aesthetics. They normally last well into the Summer, … Continue reading Gothic Leanings

Forrest Sentinel

On a recent trip to the Laurentians, I was walking in the forest behind the pace we were staying. I came across this I posing sentinel standing in a small clearing. Clearly dead, desiccated, rotting, and pecked, and yet... somehow standing strong and imposing. The hole in the upper side sometimes looked like an eye, … Continue reading Forrest Sentinel

Contrasts and Compliments

We've been wandering around the neighbourhood for walks to break out of the isolation blues and marvelling at the different plants we see. I would love to build a hedge of this particular bush. The rich, deep red of the flowers contrasts and compliments the deep green of the leaves. Similar to the effect seen … Continue reading Contrasts and Compliments

Certain Reds Just Pop

I have this still-small Japanese maple tree in my backyard and up until recently haven't had a place where it could flourish. It's been in a darker corner on my gardens. I moved it to a new Zen garden I built in the middle of the yard and it now has lots of sunshine to … Continue reading Certain Reds Just Pop

What Really Matters – Simple Pleasures

I can't help but be filled with joy & gratitude that I see the beauty in the simplest of things. This is a gift I feel compelled to share. This dead milkweed was gently swaying in the morning breeze, the sun highlighting everything the artist in me loves: textures, tones, colours, and forms. I couldn't … Continue reading What Really Matters – Simple Pleasures

The End of the Mountain

Funny how perspective plays with what we are looking at. This is a small-ish rock that up close looked like a mountain range. It's images like this that make me realize that I need to boost up the resolution on my camera and maybe get a lens for macros. Some parts just get too pixelated … Continue reading The End of the Mountain