Coming Upon Amber

These delicate flowers live in a leafy cropping so dense that the leaves themselves are almost black. I did nothing to tweak the colours here... the gorgeous amber colour of the petals is exactly what my naked eye saw. Perhaps the dark indigo-green leaves gave the contrast needed to make the petals look so vibrant; … Continue reading Coming Upon Amber


The staghorn sumacs around my yard shed leaves all summer... it's the squirrels who break some branches and hasten their transformation into beautiful reds and pinks. Against the backdrop of deep dark forest greens, they give off their own light. This is how I see them in my minds-eye. They wilt into a gentle cascade … Continue reading Cascade

A Living Painting

A day in the woods of Rawdon, Quebec... everywhere you looked there was something strange and wonderful to see. In a small area, near the river, we found these odd little caterpillars. I haven't the foggiest idea what the butterfly must look like and I'm not sure I care; this was amazing enough. It was … Continue reading A Living Painting

A Beautiful Day on the Farm

The last days of summer spent on excursions into the countryside with family and friends... well, as many as allowed under COVID restrictions. Stopping at a roadside farmer's market to get some fresh supplies for the week ahead and parking next to a field of amazing sunflowers. Each one sings with love and life... so … Continue reading A Beautiful Day on the Farm

That’s An Orange of a Different Colour

Another visit to the Farmer's Market and a huge bin full of these orange beauties. Almost pumpkins, but not quite. Textured like zucchini, but not quite. The size of the average butternut squash, but not quite. It's orange, but the variations of hues and intensities on each squash make it... well, not quite orange either. … Continue reading That’s An Orange of a Different Colour

The Essense of Wabi-Sabi

My dwarf Japanese Maple never fails to inspire me. It could be that this tiny tree always looks ancient. Maybe it's just that it is packed with texture and character. I just love it. All the reds I get in the leaves blow my mind. They change day to day, from bright to dark reds, … Continue reading The Essense of Wabi-Sabi

The Sureness of Autumn

We went for a nature walk out in the country and on the way back came across a farmers market. You can see that the sun was incredible this day and it pulled our certain colours while muting others. The overall effect was lovely and reflected the coming autumn. We had been in denial that … Continue reading The Sureness of Autumn

What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?

There's a skull-like face, with big hollow, black eyes. It seems to be extending an arm out and pointing out into the forest. The shadows cast upon this tree also look like figures dancing on the bark. These visions quickly disappear the closer one gets to the tree, but from afar, the imagination runs wild! … Continue reading What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?

We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Imagine that these are only about 2cm long... when I tilted it, liquid poured out. I couldn't see inside with my naked eyes, but these look a lot like carnivorous pitcher plants. Regardless, they are stunningly beautiful. Not exactly yellow, but more an orange-hued ochre. They grow out of a solid and proud looking stem, … Continue reading We’ve Got Pitcher Plants Here?

Unusual Green

My camera was picking up the green tint of the sunlight pushing through the canopy. It coloured everything green. Regardless of the filter, I played with, I couldn't render the grayscales of these mushrooms. So, I'll leave them with their toxic-radiation-green hue. I wonder if they glow in the moonlight too???  Prints & more available … Continue reading Unusual Green