The Rabbit Looks Out

I wanted to see through this hollowed out log at the sun setting on the other side of it. I couldn't quite get my camera down and angled up, without being blinded by the glare of the sun. Finally, with my eyes full of sunspots, I chose to close my eyes and aim the camera … Continue reading The Rabbit Looks Out

Soft Serenity

Everything about this brings me calm. The soft greys, the light that looks painted onto the surface of it all. The tiniest hints of colours and tones. The focus and clarity could have been sharper, maybe, but would that have distracted from the calm? There are very few stones as smooth as these in the … Continue reading Soft Serenity

Petrified Ooze

The way the tree is bent makes it look like it might have melted, or as if the wood has flowed like lava to it's resting place, or like extruded clay that breaks at leather-hard dryness. The grain of the wood was visible with the natural colours and sunlight but became really oozy when I … Continue reading Petrified Ooze

Natural Architecture – For Humanity

Upturned roots, crumbling rocks, tossed-around branches... all combine into fantastic structures. I would love to see a city built from such an inspiration. Massive edifices twisting and intertwining; made of steel, concrete, and glass. Giant sustainable living spaces, fled with living plants, greenhouses, and walkways for people to live healthy lives. No more stress-inducing strait … Continue reading Natural Architecture – For Humanity

Just So… Beautiful

It's really easy to walk by certain gifts from Mother Nature and take them for granted. Macro photography has been allowing me to, well, stop and smell the roses. There is so much beauty always around us that I can't help but feel my soul soaring in happiness and gratitude for it. The fragility of … Continue reading Just So… Beautiful

Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View

Taking macro shots throws my imagination into film mode. I feel like I'm suddenly seeing the world from the perspective of a bee or a fly. I had to get down close to this clump of broken branches to see the ground, fallen-desiccated leaves, and mosses. The branches formed a tunnel from my plain eye's … Continue reading Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View

Shinning Through #9

I played with the sun a little on this morning; playing hide and seek throughout the macro view of the camera lens. This is a whole series dedicated to seeing differently. It felt like a great extension of my current desire to take a look closer at stuff. The bright morning sun gave a little … Continue reading Shinning Through #9

Left After The Snow Melts

Sorry to break things up, but I missed this one. I was lifting a stack of dry leaves I had racked and found this lemon geranium leaf. I'm fascinated by the contrast this near-pristine leaf against the rot under it. With the almost-still-red maple leaf next to it, I heard a story in my mind. … Continue reading Left After The Snow Melts

Pre-Spring Colours – A Delicious Palet of Subtle Hues

There are so many reasons I love Spring and they all have to do with the surprises that pop out after the snow melts. I get excited and impatient to see it all! I've almost always focused on the small wildflowers hiding under all this dead stuff, but this time I looked closely at the … Continue reading Pre-Spring Colours – A Delicious Palet of Subtle Hues

On The Edge Between Winter & Spring

In a nearby field, there are these relatively nondescript boulders; cracked and crumbling. From afar they look nothing special. Get up close and see something completely different. The boulder is made up of millions of smaller quartz crystals. It's what I imagine the underskin of a geode might look like. I wonder if the inside … Continue reading On The Edge Between Winter & Spring