A little good news — shared souls and memories

http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/frank-o-donnell-milkweed-seeds-monarch-butterfly-daughter/ Just a beautiful story I want to share. It further inspires me to get my butterfly garden finished!


The staghorn sumacs around my yard shed leaves all summer... it's the squirrels who break some branches and hasten their transformation into beautiful reds and pinks. Against the backdrop of deep dark forest greens, they give off their own light. This is how I see them in my minds-eye. They wilt into a gentle cascade … Continue reading Cascade

The Sentinal

Standing tall, stoic Guarding life Guarding death Temporarily befriended by the sun Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com

Colonizing Decay

We saw loads of these little mushrooms all over the Morgan Arboretum forest... on dead and dying trees, and on the lower sides of tall healthy-looking trees too. Trees of all diameters and species. The commonality is that these paper-thin and undulated-surface fungi always grow in what looks like a colony. Bu themselves, they appear … Continue reading Colonizing Decay

The Magic Forest of Morgan Arboretum

The water was so still that it became a mirror. We only noticed the water when we were a few feet away. The reflections of the forest made it look like the trees were all over the area. It was a strange moment of realizing we were surrounded by the abundance of life in this … Continue reading The Magic Forest of Morgan Arboretum

An Abandoned Faerie Ring

The forest floor is filled with decaying trees, trunks, and mushrooms... they are often in rings and I love to imagine these to be faerie rings. The further along with the decay, like in this one, I wonder where they went. The more I learn about botany, the harder it becomes to see these as … Continue reading An Abandoned Faerie Ring

A Natural Choice

I'm continuously fascinated by what happens to the dandelion flower when it turns to seed. I've never seen any plant in the transition from the bright and wet yellow blossom to this bone-dry constellation of seeds. I wonder how it happens. How does each yellow petal change humidity, colour, texture, and shape? These look dead, … Continue reading A Natural Choice

The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

I bought my wife a jasmine plant for our anniversary. They looked dismal at the nursery and I was afraid that they wouldn't deliver the perfume she loves so much. This plant has over-delivered. Sit on our deck at sunset when the neighbourhood starts to get quiet, then an exp.osion occurs. Not of sound, but … Continue reading The Backyard is Filled with The Scent of a Single Jasmine Flower

The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth

We moved out banana plant into a much larger pot and had to put it on the ground. This allows us the view from the top you see here. We see a new leaf slowly emerge and unfurl about once a month, but I have never noticed how the light goes through it, not how … Continue reading The Baby Banana Leaf Bursts Forth

What’s Back There?

I really had fun with this one, because I just couldn't catch what was hiding in the dark. It's in there and looking out from the mid-left side, under all the twigs. The eye is barely visible. When I realized it might be frightened, I pulled away to leave it be. When I was editing … Continue reading What’s Back There?